Business Development


The syllabus has been designed in such a way that a bright sthdent can easily venture into developing his own eatery establishment anywhere he desires. The restaurant industry is growing @ 30% pan India. However, it has been observed that a few survive. The main reasons for failure have been quality of food and less understanding of management skills required to run such establishments. Our Skill Development programme is essential to enhance the knowledge of commercial cooking and management practices. Hence, we have tied up with Ministry of Skill Development, Govt of West Bengal to help us in our mission to sharpen human skills. Bhojohori Manna is itself an example. More than 80% of the work force in Bhojohori has not passed school level and yet has steered Bhojohori’s journey for last 15 years in various cities. This is because of hands-on Skill Development which has happened. Randhansala would like to draw upon this expertise and develop such skills for the students joining the Institute.